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Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Starting this back up c0mments!
Lets see where to start. There has been so much that has happened sent my last sport post. Lets see there was the big three D. Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh; Mavs won the finals; D. Rose get MVP; Packers won the Super Bowl; NFL has a lockout; NBA has a lockout; Auburn won the BCS title; Cam Newton's dad took money from a school; Cam Newton because number 1 pick; Falcons jump up to get Julio Jones; and Peyton Manning missing his first game. Ok I guess I would start with the big three. Why people started getting mad because they talked about playing together long before this happen. And yeah I know the decision was a dumb idea on LeBron James part but fans have to get over that. The man was a free agent he was free to go wherever he wanted to go. The critics say that they would needed time to make it to the NBA Finals so when they do and lose don't try to put down their players. I know Lebron looked like a deer in headlights, but remember the last time he was there he was the best player on his team. Or even better maybe he is just tried of carrying teams. I know he has D. Wade and Bosh but D. Wade was hurting and it was Bosh first time. Now if there is a season this year I look for them to know there role. D. Wade as the main guy in some of the regular season and the whole playoffs, Lebron as the main guy in most of the regular season and robin to Wade's batman in the playoffs, and Bosh hold the team over if everyone else is having an off day and get rebounds in both regular season and playoffs. Lets see now on to D. Rose winning the MVP. People say the only reason he got the award was because of the decision from Lebron which made him public enemy number one. Now I am not one of them. If you was to take Rose off the Bulls they would not have even made the playoffs. To me that's what a MVP is. Well that's it for today tomorrow I will talk about Cam Newton, Auburn, and Cam Newton's dad.

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