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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
NBA begins c0mments!
The NBA season started yesterday with a notable difference. There was Shaq as a Cav. Artist as a Laker, Vince Carter as a Magic, Iverson as a Grizzle, Richard Jefferson as a Spur, Rasheed Wallace, as a Celtic, and Ben Gorden as a Piston. Now all of them didn't play yesterday but this off season has made good teams better and has made bad teams worst. The Cavs just give Lebron a dominiate big man so now they just have to build an offense to fit both Lebron and Shaq. So that doesn't mean have 4 guys outside the 3 point line and one guy near the basket. I know that sounds like it may work cause it clears the lane for Lebron room to work when he drives but if the other players aren't moving around and aren't hitting their jump shots that just mean their defenders can play off them and help on Lebron and the dish to Shaq. Now on defense they are going to have to dial up the pressure so Shaq don't get stuck trying to guard mobile big men and big men who can shoot the outside shoot. Now in LA the Lakers upgraded their defense by adding Artist. Sure he is not as faster as Ariza but he is as physical or even more. He can guard anyone from the 2 spot all the way to the 5 spot depending upon how tall they are. The down side is if he decides to go crazy in the middle of the season. So if Artist keeps his head they have made a really good up grade. Let's see we have Iverson in Memphis who I don't think is going to work. They already have a good back court with Conley and Mayo so I guess that leaves Iverson on the bench. I know Iverson wants that all important ring but the teams that may win it don't need him so it may be time to give it up. Now Vince Carter in Orlando can work if they run the ball through Howard kind of like how the Spurs do with Duncan. So with Carter hitting his jump shot and driving to the basket from the oppisite side of Howard that can be a good combnation. Let's see Richard Jefferon as a Spur is good for the Spurs. They get a good player in Jefferson if they srtart him or bring him off the bench and they get a little younger as well. Rasheed Wallace I think is a perfect fit in Boston. He isn't the number one guy and isn't the main focus on for the other team. So that leaves others teams in consant mtich match problems. Then you have Ben Gordon in Detroit. This can be a good move for them depending on how they play him. They also picked up Charlie Villanueva and Ben Wallace. With the big men they lose over the offseason the best big man pick up they did is Villanueva. Ben Wallace hasn't been the same since he signed that big contract with thwe Bulls. Now for my Hawks made some ok moves by bringing in Joe Smith and Jamal Crawford. Tonight I will see how this will workout for the Hawks.

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