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Monday, September 24, 2007
Yesterdays Game c0mments!
If you would have seen yesterdays game you would be wondering why the Falcons are not 1-2. Well for those who didn't see the game there wasn't any problem with the defense. There wasn't even any problems with the offense. The first three quarters of play the Falcons D was shutting down the Panthers offense. Even in those first three quarters the Falcons offense actually put up some good numbers yesterday. The offensive line should everyone that they can block not only for the run but also for a qb that isn't mobile. Joey Harrington had 361 passing yards and 2 touchdowns on the day. Roddy White had 127 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. Alge Crumpler had 63 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. Then on defense we had Chris Crocker with a sack. John Abraham had 2 sacks. Rod Coleman had 1 sack as well. So our defense was getting to the Panther's qb. The only problem we had is penalties. The Falcons had 10 penalties against them for a total of 137 yards. Next week we need to work on not making so many penalties and why should be able to pull our first win against the Texans.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Falcons QB Problems c0mments!
Who will be the starting qb for the Falcons tonight against the Panthers? If you ask Bobby Petrino he will tell you Joey Harrington, but the people may feel that Byron Leftwich should get the start. Well Byron Leftwich has had a good couple of practices should he really be the one to start tonight. We should wait a game or so. This way Byron Leftwich can learn the offense a little better, know where the strength of the offensive line is, and who will emerge as the big play receiver. Even though there is alot of talk surrounding Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich people has seen to forgot about Chris Redman. I don't know why Chris Redman didn't get the starting job at the beginning of the season. Chris Redman looked better in the preseason and he showed that he can handle not having a good pass blocking offensive line. I say start Chris Redman tonight against the Panthers and maybe against the Texans to see how he doesn't. If after the first game or halfway through the first game he isn't doing well take him out and put in Byron Leftwich. Thats how I feel the Falcons qb problems should be handle but I am not the coach i am just a devoted fan blogging about it stating may own opinion.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Falcons upgrade c0mments!
The Falcons has finally realize that a the need "a" kicker and "b" they need a qb that can throw. First they went out and got Morton Anderson who is the best kicker the Falcons has had over the past 6 or 7 years. I know they address the kicking situation this off season but Prater has miss three field goals over the past two games. All of them went wide right. Thats a problem. If he would have hit the two he miss Sunday may be it would have been a different out come. Now on to the qb fix we have going on. Joey Harrington started to show some life last Sunday but he is not a starting qb. The person I felt should have had that spot is D. J. Shockley. He has the speed to escape the pocket that this o-line doesn't protect well and he has a nice arm, but then he got hurt in the pre-season and is out for this season. So they sign Byron Leftwich who isn't quick but knows how to get rid of the ball. People may say he is still hurt but I say keep telling him his ankle is fine and go people like you always play. So lets put Byron Leftwich or Chris Redman in as the starting qb and lets see how our offense look then.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Halo 3 c0mments!
Its been a long time since my last post so I figured I would come back talking about the most anticipated game of the year "Halo 3". The last an final chapter of the Halo Triolgy and the best by far. Most triolgies start to lose its lust after the first one comes but but Halo has been able to keep that same intenesty through out its triolgy. I can't wait til its release and when I am able to finally to get it.
Now on another subject why did they have to put Micheal Vick throught the ringer. I know dog fighting is illegal and all but they are just dogs. If you are going to arrest him for killing the does because they are not fit to fight or even be house dogs. Then P.E.T.A. should get the same sentence that he gets. What they did to the dogs doesn't stop people from killing animals. It just gave them an new exuss to kill the animals. Now people are going to say that the dogs or any animal that is a house pet "it isn't fit to be a house pet." But more on that and Micheal Vick another time.

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