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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
2 years + $43 thousand = ? c0mments!
Two years of school + $43 thousands in loans for school = no better job. I went to ITT Tech to get a game design degree and they give me two years of multimedia stuff. With the multimedia stuff they have taught me I still can't find a job. They say they will help you find a job and that you should be place in a job in your career field by your 6th or 7th quarter. Well I still haven't found a job. They started a online job thing like monster but every job I seen on there you needed a bachlors degree to get the job in my field. So now I am still at this job that I don't want to have but the only option that I have now is to get another job like the one I have now. So as you see why I say two years of school + $43 thousand in loans = no better job.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
On another subject c0mments!
I have a dilemma and I don't know how to solve it. I started school for my game design degree. In the process of getting me game design degree my school gived you classes your first two years that deals with multimedia. After two years you get a degree in IT-Multimedia. Right before I was able to finish this degree my car broke down and I had to drop all my classes in my final quarter. I love video games and I feel if you get career in the field of something you love you would be there forever and would never think of going to work as just another job. While waiting for my classes to come avaible at night I realize that my passion for the sport of basketball is still in me. Granted the only I would go pro is if someone gives me a try-out and they sign me to the team. Then I realized that I have the skill, talent, and the passion to coach. The dilemma comes when I try to do what I feel will make me happier in the long run. I can put the last two years away and start trying to get a degree with the intent on coaching or do I finish my game design degree and purse thay dream. Then the wild card is the fact that I could finish my game design degree then get another gear towards coaching. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and don't know what to do.

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East vs. West c0mments!
I know its late but the San Antonio Spurs took it in a 4 game sweep. If you think about it, it's no surprise that the Spurs won. They have more weapons on offense then the Cavs and the scores are also great defenfers. The Cavs had a chance to at least take it to 6 games if they could just pull of two wins at home. They almost pulled it off in game 3 but can up just alittle short. This series had the lowest t.v. rating the NBA has had in the modern era. I blame this on how the NBA is unbalanced. If the Spurs would have played the Pistons or maybe even the Heat it would have gotten more ratings then it did. If you look at how the Western Conference 8th seeded team in the playoffs this year had a better record then three of the Eastern Conference teams. After this draft it won't get any better because the best two players in the draft is going to two teams in the west. With this two players both have a chance of jumping from being the worst in the west to a pretty god team.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007
The king is in c0mments!
The day before the first game of the NBA Finals. I wonder what is ob the mind of King James. Could it be the fact that he is now just four wins away from getting his first NBA Championship. Is it the fact that they have to face a the three time champs. It even could be how the Cavs are going to handle the Spurs three superstars and yes they are superstars even though they aren't marketed like they are. Or it could be the fact that he could be getting the call to let him know his second child is being born right before tip off of one of these games. Then again it's King James. He maybe thinking about everything else to keep his mind off this be stage.
Lets look at the road that took King James to get to this moment. First there was the Wizards. The Cavs swept them and sent them packing. In the second round there was the Nets. The Nets put up a good fight taking the Cavs to six games and even winning in Cleveland. But ultimately the Cavs went ahead a sent them packing. In the Eastern Conference Finals Detroit looked as if they was going to sweep the Cavs in games one, two, and the third quarter of the third game. But thats when King James put his team on his back and said they aren't losing this series. They sent the Pistons packing after winning four straight games. So if you missed any of the Cavs series you missed the makings ofa legend. So now everyone knows that King James has checked into the finals.

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Friday, June 1, 2007
Way to go Cavs c0mments!
The Cavs went into Arbun Hills and took game five from the Pistons. Like I said the other day it would take Lebron to play like the D. Wade did last year when Miami won the NBA Championship and the rest of the team had to step up their game to give them the push they need to get them over their thrid quarter hump. Last night the Cavs did just that. Lebron James showed everyone why him and Micheal Jordan deserves to be sayed in the same breathe. Scoring 29 of your teams last 30 points and being the only player on your team with a double double and not fooled out makes you Jordaist (oh yeah scoring 48 aganist a team known for having a good defense also helps your case).
Thursday night was a long night for both the Cavs and the Pistons. Any time you play through regulation and through the first overtime its been a long night. If you think about the game would have been over if Rip Hamlton could had hit his shot at the end of regulation. The even would have been over if Lebron would have hit the go ahead bucket at the end of the first overtime. I guess fate figured that Lebron and the Cavs lost the first two games in Arbun Hills by Lebron driving to the basket and him having to make a decision to either take the shot or pass the ball that this game end the same way. Lebron takes the ball to the basket abd scores the game winning lay-up.
After this double overtime game how much is left for twomorrow night. Only time will tell but if you are a true basketball fan this game should be ranked one of the best games of this era. The Piston have been served their notice. If they don't wake up and stop playing like the Cavs is going to just and this series to them they be sitting at home again just like last year one series away from the NBA Finals.

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