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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
They are back in the game c0mments!
Well well well. Look at the Cavs now. They went into Cleveland down 2 games and leaves Cleveland with a tied series. Lebron has decided to put his team on his back and try to carry them into the NBA Finals. I guess he got a call from D. Wade and he give him the advice that he needed to here. Or maybe he thought about how last year D. Wade put the Heat on his back and took the to their first ever NBA Championship.
Now with all that said Lebron still needs the help he has been getting from the other players on the team. Like in the last game the rookie Daniels stepped up big in the third quarter to help Cleveland pull off the win. The next game we should see every player from the other starring four players to the last man on the bench, because when you are playing former champs at home they are tough to beat.
Now on to this Uath Spurs game. We all know that Uath is down 3 games to 1 and with the Spurs playing the way they are it looks like this series is over. On top of all of that Deroin Williams and Dereck Fisher are a game time decision for tonights game. If these to players don't play its lights out for the Uath Jazz.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Back from a two day absents c0mments!
Well its been two days since I wrote anything and alot has in those two days. First off the team I want to win the Eastern Conference Finals is down 2 games, and the Uath Jazz won game three against the San Antonio Spurs. With that said I fell that the Cleveland Cavs can take game three in Cleveland against the Detroit Pistons. What would nice to see is an NBA Finals with the Uath Jazz and the Cleveland Cavs. That would be a different look for the finals, because San Antonio and Detroit have been there alot these past few years.
With game three coming up in Cleveland the Cavs have a chance to get a there first in of this series. In game two Lebron James tried to get what people have been saying he should have done in game one. And as you see no matter what he did the same result. So people need to leave Lebron alone let him be him. If everyone wants to see the Cavs win they need to get him so help with the scoring they will take this series from the Piston.
Now lets talk about the Spurs and the Jazz. I'm pretty sure the Jazz was on cloud nine a couple nights ago. That had to be one hell of a game. The first two games the Spurs put a beaten on the Jazz. Every time the Jazz got with in a couple point the Spurs would just take over. Itwould be nice if the Jazz could win this series but the Spurs is just have to many weapons for the Jazz to handle.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007
The number 3 pick c0mments!
The hawks has secured two lottery picks in this year's draft. The 3rd and the 11th pick. While watching draft lottery I was hoping that the hawks didn't get anything lower then third because of the trade for Joe Johnson would have made them give that pick to Phoenix. And then the trade to Indiana for their first round pick for Al Harrington gave us the 11th pick as well.

Now that we have these two picks who will we draft. We all know that Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will go 1 and 2 respectfully. So who is left out there. Well first what does the hawks need. First off they need a young guard who can push the tempo of games so they can get into the open floor and do what they do best. This guard also has to play good defense because if he can't we may as well keep the guards we have now because they can play some defense. But this draft is the year of the big men. Last year was the year of the guard. The hawks can go two ways with this in my eyes and come out of this years draft with an even better team they started with. They could go with Mike Conley Jr. guard out of Ohio St. at the number 3 pick and then go with Spencer Hawes out of Washington at the number 11 pick. Or they could go with Yi Jianlian out of China with the number 3 pick and then go with Acie Law out of Texas A&M with the number 11 pick.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
LeBron James last play c0mments!
Everyone feels that King James should have taken the last shot when the cavs had the ball. Yes he is the star on the team and the stars should be the one who take the game winning shot. If he was Kobe Bryant he probably would have taken the shot and just had to live with the results. But he is not like Kobe. He is King James. King James is a person who will give up a shot that he probably could hit with three defenders on him, for a person who has a wide open jump shot. That's King James. He is a pass first shoot second type of player. You don't find that to often with your star player. Oh yeah, you also have to take into a count that he was shooting a lousy .333 from the field. Now look at Donyell Marshall who had tied Kobe for most three in a game with 12. If a person has 12 threes in a game get open would you haste to pass him the ball if he gets open. You can look at the replays all the ways you want to but the results will still be the same. King James did the right thing by passing the ball to the open Donyell Marshall. Every coach in the world will tell you the same thing pass the ball to the open player no matter if you are the star or not.

On the other hand when King James is having an off night the rest of the cavs have to step up and pick up his slack. He only had 10 points but he had 10 rebounds and 9 assist. If some more of the role players would have scored to or three points more then what they normally make we would not be talking about King James' last play but we would have been talking about how the cavs upset the Pistons on there home court. Pistons need to watch out thursday because King James will not have two off nights in the same week. I got a prediction for to thursday's game. I predict that the cavs will come out of Detroit with the series tied 1-1.

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May 23, 2007 c0mments!
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